a moment to remember

Christmas is a holiday mostly celebrated by Christians on December, 25 every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus. It is exactly nine months after Jesus was conceived, the day of winter solstice of the ancient Roman calendar and one of various ancient winter festivals. During Christmas people exchange gifts, attend church services, eat special food, listen to classical music and decorate their houses with Christmas trees, lights, garlands, mist lands, nativity scenes etc. Up to today Christmas still remains the most celebrated holiday in the world. Its importance and significance to Christians is of great value. This is a day that Christians can’t afford to compromise because it reminds them of their only hope of life that the birth of Jesus brought to them. In order to show how they appreciate and love Jesus Christians celebrates his birth.


last Christmas i had fun not only because its Christmas but . I’m with my family 🙂 i had fun because its the first time that my family was complete. we had games like pinoy henyo, breaking the pot and so many games. I’m also proud because i have completed the So called Simbang Gabi its a really big sacrifice for me and its my first time to complete the simbang gabi. But before that the 23rd of December we went to Manila to fetch my Father from Dubai. So we arrived here about 8pm and that we prepare our Noche Buena. We have Pancit,Cake,lechon,Carbonara,Bake Mac and Buko Pandan. they said that shinning shimmering was lucky so thats our Motiff. Image


the greatest gift from my parents :)

that was September 01 2012 when i receive the greatest gift from my parents ever :). i never expected this because my older sister didn’t experience it too. so since im the youngest i ask it and they gave it to me. its a special day for me, i did prepare for so long so i can have a successful party ever.  well its just the start of my journey. in return of that gift to my parents, what im trying to aim right now is to finish college :))ImageImage

dream big :)

the baby was my niece i really like her so much. i even came to the point that i want to adopt her. she is the daughter of my brother


i wont ask for someone else because even if we have the same gender it doesn’t matter. i really believe in the saying “LOVE HAS NO GENDER”. Happy and contented

i really love my family so much 🙂 i wish i will have the same family in the future because they are really good and awesome

i dream of this house before, i saw this at Dagsian Baguio city. it was so big, it amaze me soo much. A glass House ??? hmmmm YES i really want it 🙂


i dream and i believe that someday i will be happy because i choose to be like this :)))ImageImageImage

Travel Theme: Soft

i wanna go there too sir 🙂


For this week’s travel theme, I chose to feature  these photos that I took while the sun is setting over the paradise island of Boracay in the Philippines.

The moment that I learned about this week’s travel theme I was into it that I really wanted to portray the sun setting.  I wanted to capture that soft hues of yellow and orange, Oh such amazing colors I can’t even describe. While we all know that the sun being the center of the solar system represents power, strength and energy; I wanted to look at it directly behind the lens and get a glimpse of the softer side of the sun.  It just took my breath away.

The ‘softer’ side of the sun.

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Love with Travel

The greatest trip i ever had was when i had my vacation at Mabalacat Pampanga. one thing that made this vacation great was having my special someone with me.

This place made my vacation so interesting because a lot of fun was waiting for us there. “APO” a mini Divisoria it is our first destination, things are really cheap, people was approachable, and that end up our first day. Second day comes and Xevera. Yes it is our second destination, they have there a pool good for kids and adults and some rides from a carnival which made this place awesome.

Every region has its own culture, and that i learned when we visited Nayong Pilipino at some part of Clark Pampanga. This place make me turn back to the Philippine history, culture, and tribes. After visiting Nayong Pilipino we headed at SM Clark it was like other ordinary malls Ive seen before the only difference is it has only two floors. Well Marquee Mall was the best part of my vacation, great ambiance, clean and big mall, censored doors, colored fountains, great brand of shoes, shirts and bags. Mabalacat Pampanga has their own language, own culture but it never did a hindrance for us to enjoy and had fun, thinking of this moment leaved unforgettable memories for me.

I ImageImageImageImageImageImageImagelearned that it is really MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES 🙂